How to Price Your Handmade Items for Sale

June 10, 2016 Annie Pilon 0

Handmade items — and handmade businesses — are on the rise. But, as in any other business, figuring out what to charge for your products might be the real trick to finding success. Here are some tips you may wish to consider when you finally get down to the pricing stage.

74 Percent of Small Business Websites Have No eCommerce

June 9, 2016 Joshua Sophy 0

Want an advantage over your small business competitors? Launch an ecommerce website today — or at least very soon! A surprising number of small businesses still don’t conduct sales via the Web so if you are, you’re not only effectively reaching customers. But you’re getting there ahead of the competition, too.

Navigating Omnichannel Complexities: 3 Tips for Success

June 7, 2016 Get Elastic 0

Navigating the omnichannel universe is a challenge for many retailers. Whether they started out online or as physical business, knowing which channels to leverage can be tricky. This article explores strategies for building an omnichannel business that makes sense to the reader’s unique business. Stefan Sjostrand, the president of Ikea Canada, recently cautioned businesses about in-store sales cannibalization and shared how Ikea will lead the way in succeeding both offline and online.

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