74 Percent of Small Business Websites Have No eCommerce

June 9, 2016 Joshua Sophy 0

Want an advantage over your small business competitors? Launch an ecommerce website today — or at least very soon! A surprising number of small businesses still don’t conduct sales via the Web so if you are, you’re not only effectively reaching customers. But you’re getting there ahead of the competition, too.

Web Design to Boost Conversions

January 20, 2016 Get Elastic 0

Good web design can make or break your business. Research shows that users will make up their mind about how they “feel” about your website (and thus your business) within a fraction of a second after first viewing your site. Further, the design of interior pages, such as the checkout flow, can have a dramatic […]

5 Major Global Ecommerce Trends That You Can’t Afford to Ignore

January 14, 2016 Peyton Wiederspan 0

As we begin 2016, the global ecommerce market is poised for significant growth. But not all geographies are experiencing the same trends. Here’s a quick look at global ecommerce trends. The U.S. Gets Physical In the U.S. market, eMarketer predicts that mobile devices will account for 22% of all e-commerce sales and mobile will influence […]